Central HVAC Systems & Ductwork

Let the professionals at Noel's Air Conditioning in Middle Village, New York, take care of your HVAC systems. We offer high-efficiency, quiet, ductless split systems from Mitsubishi™ and Fujitsu™, and we offer services including:

• Service Maintenance
• System Repairs

• Safety Checks
• Filter Cleaning
• System Installation
• Rooftop Unit Cleaning
• Indoor & Outdoor Unit Cleaning
• Pressure Checks
System Vent in uncovered wall - HVAC Systems

System Vent Interior - HVAC Systems

Central HVAC Systems

You can count on us for sales, service, and installation on central HVAC systems up to 20 tons. These energy-efficient systems include air conditioning, heating, and ventilation, along with air purification, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers.

Have an existing room splits, or central system talk to us about maintenance, dirt and corrosion are the #1 killers of any system from a room to roof top and anything in between.  Well maintained systems operate more efficient for longer time.  We power wash, rust proof painted, and oil mechanics.  So contact us today concerning your maintenance needs whether you have a 5000 BTU room unit or 20 ton rooftop.  If you make that investment to your home or business you should maintain it.

Looking to upgrade or install a new central air system for your home or business? Talk business with us so that we can help you with your decision.



Make sure to clean or change filters regularly. Depending on your individual needs, this can be done weekly to quarterly. Clear an area around your unit for proper ventilation, and keep the units themselves clean. Dirty coils cause major repair issues and can transmit mold into your breathing air.

Contact us today about your maintenance and repair needs.